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Full-zip (full name is Full-zip up hoodie)
merc Gloves (its short for Icon merc long gloves…)
CyberGoggles… (complete)
Dirt Bike Boots (sketched)
Tuxedovest ((wears something like this…))
RidingShades (wears his riding Shades every where…))[complete]
skull Key pendant

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Hideaki Heartless
Mato Kitsun

DMC ocs







Looks to be 16 in appearance is actually 623 years old


None yet


Hebi - New arrival

[Date of Birth][If Applicable]

November 24th


Dragon Lightning/Metal




5'11” tall


250 pounds lean muscle, most of his weight stems from his metal like scales that are heavy on their own.

[Hair Color]

Metallic silver

[Eye Color]

Lightning blue

[Markings &/or Scars]


[Weaponry &/or Accessories]


  • Claws


  • Cellphone

  • Necklace of a dragon with the body shaped like a lightning bolt and made of a metal scale.

  • Tongue is pierced in a row down the center.

  • PsP system

[Familiars, pets or Related]



Upper right figures clothing top is black and silver with lightning blue trimmings gloves are a similar color scheme. Pants are a dark gray.


Cause of his injury when he was younger and abandoned after his people thought he was dead he has developed trust issues. Addicted to video games, is always carrying around his portable console. Is a bit picky of who he associates with.


Was born to a small clan that consisted of thirty dragons, He was the son of a teacher who taught the younglings to use their abilities. Kairo left the clan at the age of 100 looking to be about the age of 8, reason he left was because during a hunt with the other younglings learning to hunt for themselves he had gotten hurt and lost most of his memories only retaining his knowledge of his ability and his name, he was thought to be dead after waiting at the meeting area for the group, some of the younglings die during the hunting test so they didn't return to look for him. Kairo would travel around trying to find out where he belongs. Along his travels he settled down in a couple area's and tried to live a normal life among the humans, he got himself a couple jobs one in Long Island, New York another in a small town in Texas at this point he was around the age of 356 growing to look around 13 and working small jobs that he could find and that would take him. When he entered the age of 530 he had hit his first growth spurt putting him at the height he currently is, He would at this time be staying in Paris, He had been traveling looking for anything that could lead him to others like him. Yet he continued to stop every time he grew low on cash to work for food money, people would look at him strange as he now had his horns. Most shrugged it off thinking he was cosplaying or wearing fake horns as a hobby or fashion statement, at this time he was planning to return to the united states to settle in a small town and continue his searching from some where he can return to with out having to worry about being stuck with out shelter. Age 565 video games where just being announced as Kairo was looking for some where to work to earn money he found himself being drawn in to the new invention, Looking over the machine and trying it out he started to enjoy playing these games but would need money to play them further. Over the next few years Kairo would watch as video games slowly advanced and changed over time. Years pass and he is now 600 years old living in a small apartment and working out of an electronics shop keeping up the rent and buying himself more games to play when he has off of work. 

[Powers/ Strengths]

  • Control over Lightning: Can channel lightning through his arms and legs. Can used the channeled Lightning as a blast.

  • Scale Armor: Can grow scales as strong tough as steel all over his body.

  • Summons lightning clouds

  • Lightning/Metal breath: can breath lightning with small bits of Metal mixed into it.

  • Can fly using his wings.

[Skillset/ Hobbies]

  • Hand to hand combat

  • Sleeping

  • Video games


  • Is allergic to banana's

  • Powers are weak against rubber

  • Smell of blood can send him into a frenzy if hes not careful.


  • Drinking good Sake

  • Meat

  • Woman

  • Video games


  • Kids

  • Shellfish

  • Mud


[Other descriptions &/or icons?]

dAfterStory oc Kairo
Character belongs to me

Character is for the rp Group dAfterstory

 This is the story of a trouble making boy with the power to leave his own body like that of a phantom. It was Sunday evening as young Dai ran down the street heading for a small temple that he used to hide away from others and try out his powers limits. Today Dai ran passed the temple and heads for his house to lock himself away in his room, As he ran up the stairs he calls out to whoever was home that he was going to do his homework when actually he was going to try out his powers. The moment he hits his room he locked it behind himself and quickly took his seat at his desk before he started to relax and concentrate on exiting his own body, the more he relaxed the easier it was as his body slumped over and his spiritual form floated up into the air sitting there he looked down at his body and tilted his head to the side.

Dai spiritual form: Hmm its getting easier to enter this form the more I practice but I still don't know anything about this strange power I have been given, I wonder why it happened the first time all I did was go to sleep and found myself stuck in this form. Is there a reason I can do this is there even a reason or am I just a strange child with a gift.

He asked himself as he floated out the window and started to see how far he could get from his body before feeling that strange pulling almost like chains around him pulling him back for his human form, once he hits that limit he slowly floats down to street level and looks around as he found himself at the shopping district. With a smile he started to look around floating through buildings for something to so when he stopped and started trying to mess with one of the displays to see if he could, his hands the first few times slipped through the display but after a bit of concentration he was able to touch and interact with it. He started moving pieces of the figures and then taking a piece and floating off with it scaring some of the people trying to shop, one person even yelled out that their was a ghost in the shopping district which made Dai laugh and want to mess around here longer. As he was flying around he stopped and picked up a pair of sunglasses putting them on and tried asking the owner of the shop

Dai spiritual form: Hey how much are these they look expansive but amazing

Yet the owner of the stand just yelled ghost as they couldn't hear Dai but they saw the floating glasses and got scared off. Dai slowly realized people couldn't hear him or hear him but damn well can see what he was doing as he floats there and looks around putting back the sunglasses he accidentally sets fire to them, it wasn't a normal fire ether as it was bright blue. People around see the flames and start running yelling that there is a ghost or phantom causing trouble around the shopping district as Dai floats there trying to figure out how to put out the flames he panics and flies off to try and figure out what he just did as this was the first time he was able to use his flames and it scared him thinking he might hurt someone with out thinking if he didn't learn to control them. So he made his way to one one the abandon buildings near his home and started trying to summon the flames again this time trying to control them. Dai wasn't used to the feeling he got when he first used the flames but kept trying to no avail as he sighs and lays back on the floor to try and think of what he should do he slowly closes his eyes and sighs lowly.

Dai spiritual form: What an uneventful day, And what was up with those flames they looked unnatural almost otherworldly like they were flames of the dead or something. Wonder if that was just a flook and I wont ever be able to use them again. They were cool though.

Dai sits up and looks at his hands trying again to summon the flames but to have nothing appear he would need to learn to control them if he ever wanted to use them on command, he slowly started to get up and looks around to see if there was a way to force himself to use them. As he looks around he suddenly looks down at his hands and once more the blue flames were there he looks at his hands and wonders what they were why they weren't hot or even cold to him he was a little scared as he tries to make them do something instead of just surrounding his hands. As he kept trying nothing they just sat surrounding his hands for now. Dai felt a little disheartened as he felt for now he would learn to control turning the flames on and off as he stood there trying to make the flames go out and it seemed silly if someone could see him as he was just staring at his hands with them on fire. Dai finally gets the flames to disappear and he jumps up and down happily before turning the flames on again it seemed to react to his thoughts as Dai kept practicing.

Dai spiritual form: I wonder what else theses flames can do. Maybe I can make a fireball if I concentrate hard enough and launch it at something.

With that set on Dai's mind he summons the flames and concentrated on turning the flames around his hands into fireballs that he could throw for only a few seconds it happened then the flames returned around his hands as if that was its most likely position it took. Dai looks at them and keeps thinking of turning them into fireballs and keeping them like that but nothing they kept returning around his hands and this caused Dai to feel once more disheartened as he flicks his right hand and the flames around his hand fly to the ground in the shape he was imagining before and this caused Dai to jump and blink as one hand was still ablaze while the other flame was on the ground flickering as he looks at his left hand he flicked his hand forward sending the fireball off into another room. Dai seemed happy and wanted to keep practicing but first need to figure out how to put out the flames he just throw, he would find out water didn't work nor more flames as he slowly gave up he tried putting the flames out like he did when they were on his hands and it happened the flames went out like before.

Dai Spiritual form: I see so they act the same when not in direct contact with me this will be fun.

Dai smiles and sits there for a while trying to think what else he could do to test out his new power but slowly he realized it was growing late and wondered if he should return home after a while of just standing there and thinking it over he decides to stay for a while longer and continue his training before his parents returned home. He flies off to a spot in the forest he always ended up going to setting up a few targets he starts lighting them ablaze with his flames one at a time he enjoyed it but people walking through the woods would clam to have seen ghosts dancing in the woods as blue balls of flame that night telling others of the flames that seemed to dance in the distance. Slowly Dai grew tired and yawned he starts his way back home thinking by now his parents would be home. He flies into his room through the window and enters his body slowly opening his eyes and began to sit up.

Dai: that was a long training session wonder if they are home yet or if I have to make dinner again.

Slowly Dai makes his way down stairs calling out to his parents to see if they were home but as he walks around down stairs he finds that no one else was home and a note on the fridge that said they weren't going to be home till late tonight as they had a small trip they had to take and would be home right after school. Dai sighs and goes to the fridge to make himself some of the left over curry his mom made two nights back. He would enjoy his dinner that night and think of how he gained that new power to conjure blue flames from his hands and wonders if they were limited to just his hands.

Dai: Tomorrow I'll see if I can conjure the flames in mid air or if I have to summon them in my hands if I can conjure them in mid air that would make this power so much more fun.

Dai finished eating and started to clean up his the dishes and put them away, he would slowly return to his room and sit at his desk. He really did need to get his homework done before school tomorrow so he would need to hurry up and get started that finished if he wanted to do a little more training before he went to bed. Dai would finish around two in the morning before he could start his training up once more, he exited his body and want back for the city this time sitting on top one of the tallest buildings he could reach and starts trying to summon the flames mid air half the time he would get a small spark or his hands would once again burst into flames as he laughs at this he looks around and wonders how he could get the flames to appear mid air since he can get a spark going but not a ball of blue flame like he can with his hands.

Dai spiritual form: This is tougher then I thought I wonder if there is a way to produce the flames in the air or if I have to start with them on my hands, I can produce a spark so maybe I need something to light... No that can't be it I should be able to but maybe I have to practice a lot more first or maybe I'm to tired for this tonight maybe I should return home and try again before my parents return home.

With that Dai decides to head back for his house, he takes the long way to continue thinking on what he could be doing wrong. He lands on the ground outside his house and starts for the front door as he continues thinking slowly making his way through the door and up stairs to his room, he reenters his body and sighs.

Dai: I'll figure this out I have to I want to see what I can do and what I'm not.

Dai lets out a loud yawn and looks over at the clock noticing it was almost four in the morning he slowly stands up and heads for his bed where he lays down and yawns again thinking that tomorrow he will figure out what he was doing wrong and how to fix it. He closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep where he remembered all the trouble he caused and chuckled in his sleep as he thought it was funny being called a ghost and people actually running when he put on a hat or sunglasses.

In the morning Dai's alarm went off and woke him up, He looks at the time and notices he was going to be late for school again, rushing to get ready he bolts out the door forgetting about his lunch and breakfast as he heads for his school along the way he hears people talking about what they saw the other day the blue flames and how they kept saying it was ghosts. He hears the other theories the people had and thinks maybe he went a little over board with his small pranks. He walks slower as he listens to some kids talk about how they saw the blue flames in the forest the other night and how they say it was a demon someone was summoning and Dai stops in his tracks as he blinks

Dai: A demon... They think I'm a demon

Dai stood there for a bit watching the other kids laugh and walk for school but Dai slowly turned around and started running for home thinking that maybe they are right maybe he was a demon, they always laughed and pointed at him when he told them he was able to leave his body in a phantom like form and they singled him out for it as they left him to eat lunch alone or ignored him when he tried to make friends with them. Dai starts thinking about pulling more of those pranks as they did feel good hearing people scream about ghosts then running away. As Dai got to the house he runs upstairs and sits at his desk as he looks at the time school would have started and he wasn't in class they probably will call the house later so for now Dai was safe to do what he wanted. Dai pulls out a text book and looks over his homework as he slowly drifts off to sleep he leaves his body again this time just sleeping while floating there and thinking of other pranks to pull.

The Trouble making phantom Dai
Total words: 2329
Total Feathers: 230

Character belongs to me.

Mission Report Edward

It was mid day I had just gotten off of the plan and was getting ready to grab my bags when a security guard stopped me and asked me for my badge and ID, I looked at them and blinked as I had been told to be careful when asked for my ID from someone who hasn't contracted me. I stared at them for a while and asked them for theirs but they couldn't produce it so I glared and proceeded to the pick up area knowing they would be following me as I went. It wasn't long till I walked off the airport grounds and into a dark alleyway knowing that the man would be following me closely, they knew why I was here and I knew that they weren't the one I was after yet if they worked for them I would have to get the answers out of them. I stopped as I came in contacted with a brick wall that ended the alley just as the man runs up and pulls out a weapon.

Man from the airport: I was told not to let you pass if they found out I let you get pass the airport grounds I will be killed and displayed as a warning to others. I have to kill you here and I wont let you get passed me again.

Edward: I see but I will need you to know that if you proceed to threaten me. I will kill you

The man from the air port backs up slightly as he looked at my glare knowing I was serious and knew if he continued this he would die yet he didn't back down and came charging at me as he yelled and swings the blade at me. I dodged but barely as he nicked my jacket with the blade, grabbing their arm I quickly bent it back till I heard the snap of their shoulder giving out. Letting go I attacked with a powerful kick to their side before a quick jab to their right temple, as they dropped I looked at them and decided to let them live as I walked for the hotel that was paid for by my employer this time, They left a note in the room I was given that said to find the man threatening their business and put a stop to them by any means.

A few hours pass as I call up a few contacts I was given from the head of our foundation and I started getting the supplies I needed for this mission delivered here to the hotel, I was given an entire floor to myself and one room was converted into a lab for me to use and fine out who was behind these attacks on their buildings, once my supplies arrived I set everything up in my room. Weapons light weight body armor and a few tools I would need though out the weeks I stayed here.

Week one was pretty boring and yields little results in this investigation, as I had started my search by trying to find who leaked my arrival and what I would be doing here to the enemy I found one of the employees was a spy for the enemy, Letting them be for now this could work in my favor as I continued to keep an eye on them and bugged their calls to an unknown number for over a few days. I would find out that it wasn't one man it was up to ten running this group from an unknown location as every time I got a signal on the call it would change during the next call it was hard to keep up with all the random locations so I would need to try and figure out how they are scrambling their signal and bouncing it around the city.

Week three I figured out how they had been scrambling and bouncing the signal around the city so this week I was going to go to each tower that was being used to bounce the signal around and deactivate what they were using so I could lock on the their signals better. Over the week I would find out that their was over ten towers being messed with just to mess with their signal. I would get all of them with little trouble as they didn't seem to know what I was doing as I had told the employer about the spy and to feed them miss leading information so I could get to the bottom of what was happening around this place.

Week four I have been tracking the location of their signal for the last week and found that they are switching between three locations every other day encase someone had broken through their signal. As I watched today they seemed to be having a long conversation about the next building in their sights, I send the employer a message about it and tell him to keep the building empty tomorrow morning as I was going to have a look around it. I didn't tell him that it was the next one to be attack as I know that the people I was hunting would be there themselves. I grab my gear and ready it for tomorrow as I know this will be a long battle to come.

Next day I was on my way to the building before the sun raises, I had a small bag filled with tranquilizer darts as the foundation tried not to kill if it was possible. I was there before them and started to set up traps for them in the form of knock out gas grenades in the air vents. I was sitting in the security room to see when they arrived. A few hours would pass without a word or sign of them entering the grounds of the building. I grew bored and decided to head out to see what was going on as I opened the security door I put on my gas mask and head for the front of the building down nineteen flights of stairs to see if they had messed with the camera's as it seemed nothing had changed for hours and I haven't heard screaming or even seen a mouse move. To my shock nothing had changed down at the front entrance so I decided to return to my security room and wait only to hear a couple men and a few woman yell for me to stop and put my hands up as they had been hiding waiting for someone to show up. I did as they said and started trying to talk to them.

Edward: Who are you just a couple kids from the sound of your voices, cant be older then what? Fourteen? Maybe fifteen.

The group leader spoke up: We want to stop this company from causing trouble for our families! They keep taking the jobs and land away from them as if its theirs leaving us without a thing to do!

Edward: I understand but this I vandalism and hurting people at theses jobs if you really want to fight for your families how about we talk with the company owner maybe he can help you kids out.

Yet they were through talking as the leader of their group charged at me and tried to attack me, I dodged and kept dodging as I wasn't going to hurt these kids for just trying to help their families. I wouldn't fight back as I jumped back and using a switch sealed the doors they had entered through as I grabbed a string pulling it hard as I could and causing the knock out gas to fill the rooms using the vents as a pathway it was quick, filling the room and slowly knocking the kids out one at a time as they tried to unlock the door I picked up my radio and called it in telling the owner of the building that it was the work of a few kids that felt cheated and needed help. My employer arrived as I had the kids restrained and we started talking about what to do with the kids and with my suggestion of hiring them the owner seemed happy and agreed telling the kids that he wanted to hire them as security for him and he was already hiring their parents who came to talk to them weeks ago. The owner was a nice man just needed a chance to show it to the kids who just saw him as someone stealing land and jobs away from their families.

Last day I was packing up my equipment I brought with me and calling to have my gear sent back to the corresponding addresses around the city that were safe houses for the foundation, I knew I had to do this on my own and they knew I wouldn't accept help till I thought I needed it. As I readied to leave I put a note on the desk that was to the employer letting them know if they ever needed more help to call me directly and I would fly out to give them a hand as I felt this city could hold a lot of mysteries I have yet to discover. With that I left for the airport and returned to the foundation for my next missions.

Back at the foundation I was greeted by a few of the other members who seemed happy I had returned after being away for so long. I greeted them all and sat down at our usual bar to have a drink and talk about the passed missions that we shared and worked alone to finish. We were good friends but I wasn't sure where I stood with them was I really a friend or was I just another person they could use to get a mission done. In this line of work its hard to make friends and its even harder to recognize if you have a friend or if you are being used as a puppet to fix a problem that they themselves couldn't hope to fix. I work here cause it feels natural to fight and find out what is happening in some area's of this world. I enjoy coming back and hanging out with my group as I ready myself for the next mission I will be handed and where I will be taken on this mission. For now I think I'll be ready the moment I get a high ranked mission.

Edwards Mission report two
Total words: 1773
total feathers earned: 170

Character belongs to me

Mission report entry four

    Saturday midnight just after plan landed I was met by a young woman who was dressed in a hoodie and jeans trying not to draw attention to herself. It was my client my first client actually, she was an actress who had been getting threats to leave the city from some unknown person. I was given the case cause they thought it would be a simple job guard her home, and while shes at the theater for practice.

    Monday Rehearsal, She hadn't said much of anything to me since I met her the day before. She seems to be nervous around me almost as if she was scared I wasn't who I said I was, no other way to convince her since I already showed her the badge I was given when joining.

Conversation with the owner of the theater

    Edward: Matthew was it? I have a few questions I would like to ask you before we continue the tour and my inspection of possible entry ways. When did the threats first start coming in for miss Julia? She said she only started getting them when she got the part of leading lady is that true?

    Matthew: Yes that is true she showed me the letter the moment she opened it and screamed as if someone had just attacked her, but when I kicked in the door I saw her shaking and holding the letter like her life depended on it. Actually I still have the original letter in my office since I thought we should show the police but Julia refused saying that she did not want to bother the Police with this. I still believe she should have instead of spending money on a bodyguard.

    Edward: I will take your Opinions into consideration during my stay here Now where is the letter I would like to see it and while I am looking it over please continue looking for any possible entry ways the person could use to sneak in here and lock them I want them unable to enter here though other means then the front door and even then I will be looking everyone who isn't staff over as they enter.

    Matthew: I understand please follow me then I'll show you to my office and the letter. It is actually quiet strange as the letter seemed to be written using penmanship and cut out pieces of magazine letters.

    Matthew showed me to his office and I took a look around before sitting down to read the letter, Matthew left me there alone and I went over the letter carefully reading every line and trying to figure out why this person was sending Julia threatening letters. As I read the letter I got nowhere as the person never once mentioned why they wanted Julia to leave almost as if they weren't truly mad or angry at her just picked her at random. Putting the letter into a plastic bag and then slipping it into my pocket I left the room and returned to checking the other entries and the roof of the building to make sure it was safe and no one could enter with out using the front door actors, staff, and guests I would check them all before letting them pass into the building.

    Tuesday after rehearsal, Me and Julia met back stage to talk as I had been checking everyone who walked through the front door and explained to everyone that this was to keep them safe as well as Julia. No Letters have shown up since I arrived and took charge of guarding Julia almost as if the person who was threatening her backed off that is until we entered her dressing room to find it trashed and a letter in the middle of the floor. Like the first on I saw I started reading this one over and this time it mentioned that they were upset with her hiring someone to watch over her. I pocketed the letter like the first one and turned to her to talk, yet Julia was shaking and scared of what was going on.

    Edward: Julia its okay, The room can be cleaned and everything fixed with in a day I'll even do it myself if I have to so please tell me what is going on and why is this person threatening you when you got this role. Do you know anything about them anything at all to help me figure this out as you see they are starting to get angry from what is in this new letter.

    Julia: I don't know anything I haven't seen anyone enter of leave here that you didn't approve of. Please Edward you have to help me I don't want to be hurt and I don't want to loose my dream of acting here.

    I watched as Julia fell to her knees and began to cry into her hands with no way to console her I sat down next to her and sighed lightly with out a word I let her get out the frustration that this was putting onto her and I tried to go over the two letters to see if I can spot any similarities between them. As I looked through the letters I started to notice how the person wrote out certain letters and without a word I put them back into my jacket.

    Julia: Edward thank you for all you have done for me so far. You have Protected me and are even trying to figure out who this person is and I hope you do. I want you to so you can teach them a lesson on what its like to be scared out of your mind for following your dream.

    Edward: I will find them Julia don't you worry I will find them and get them for this. Now I think you should stay put while I clean up this place a bit then we can go back to your home and you can get a good nights sleep.

    Julia: I understand thank you again Edward you are a Gem in my darkest time. Please never change and continue being so kind.

    Julia sat there still as I got back up and began cleaning up the mess that was once a dressing room. As I picked up pieces of glass and metal I noticed something, blood and it was fresh. With out a word to Julia I left the room and went to the other actors checking their hands for cuts and any blood but non showed signs of bleeding or a cut. So I turned to the rest of the staff and found nothing, I couldn't check everyone if I tried as most had already left after being aloud to leave. So I returned to the dressing room and hide the pieces with blood on them and began fixing up the room a bit enough for Julia to have a decent place to change before the show.

    Back at Julia's house I patrolled the front and back yard using the side of the house to connect them and keep an eye out for anyone trying to use a window or door to enter the house. Julia was safe for another night as I took a break inside I sat on the couch and kept an ear out for the sound of breaking glass or someone trying to open one of the locked windows.

    Wednesday Three days before the show and Julia was nervously pacing in her dressing room or at least what I could save of the dressing room from the other nights attack. I was standing at the front of the building checking everyone over for bandages, weapons and anything else that could cause damage or injure someone. I found a few things and confiscated them and locked them away before checking the people over for cuts once more. Among them I had to stop the producer who had his hands bandaged as if they were horribly cut up. I confront him on this and he quickly made the excuse he cut himself while cooking but I found it hard to believe as he was the only one able to sneak past me and make the letters while in his office.

    Edward: Why would you give me the Letter if you were just going to send more with the same writing style.

    Matthew: I wanted my daughter to have the part that's why! This woman got the part cause I was out voted and my daughter was made the understudy I would do anything to help my daughter be the star.

    Edward: Then I place you under arrest for your attempts to cause harm to Julia and I'm pretty sure you are fired as well seeing as your boss paid for my visit and protection of Julia.

    Matthew would stutter and look around as the man who hired Edward stepped out from the theaters main hall and looks at Edward holding Matthew in a spot so he couldn't run away, The man that hired Edward walked over and starts talking

    Rome: So is he the one that has been sending the letters and threatening the star of our show?

    Edward: Yes he has been the one sending the letters and even trashed her dressing room last night I have cleaned up most of it but he gave himself away cause of the blood he left behind during my clean up so I had been looking for someone who had there hands cut up from trashing the mirror and a piece of metal that had cut their hands.

    Rome: I see then Matthew You are fire and I will be calling the cops for what you have done.

    Matthew knew he couldn't talk his way out of this so just stayed quiet as he looked down and said nothing, he was lade to his old office and cuffed to the chair till the police arrived and dragged him out of the building yelling that he was doing this for his daughter. But that only caused his daughter to resent him and told me as I was reading to leave that she was glade I found the nutcase causing all this trouble for the show she dreams of one day staring in. I received a kiss on the cheek as a thank you and left for the air port to return to the organization.

mission report Edward
Word count: 1746
Total points: 170 feathers earned

Edward belongs to me.
Writen on 6/9/2016
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As the title says id like to wish everyone a happy Valentines day or if your single a happy Singles awareness day.


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i drew this today (9/18/10)
I'm a very nice guy unless you piss me off.
I'm an artist i draw when I'm bored. I RP(Role Play) with friends so i made a chat room and i have a group link to my group is below the chat link is on the group page so don't ask.

Characters: Hideaki
Hideaki: is a Kitsunemimi or can be human
Nano: heartless that is different cause he doesn't fight. is kind of emo so be forewarned. has a friend whos the completed opposite of him.

RP with friends
annoying people

my heritage: Irish, Dutch, French, German, West Indies
Please comment please I want your opinions on my art.

my queen of my group and bffe(best f**king friend ever)::iconkawaiimuffen:
my sister i real life: :iconyokitremor:
Deviant family
Little sister :icondisowned-puppy:

if you want to join my family just ask k

Current Residence: orlando FL
Favourite genre of music: rock pop other
Favourite style of art: anime
Favourite cartoon character: hollow mask ichigo and kazuma the shell bullet

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YokiTremor Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello everyone, I am Yoki, Articfox1's sister. 
I have gotten word that Part 2 of a 3 part surgery has been completed
my brother is currently in a recovery room. 
He should be home soon. 
This really should improve his quality of life. 
Please support my younger brother and keep him smiling. 

Hey "Ruine" aka Articfox1
You're doing fine.
You will soon have a better life,
You won't have to be locked in your room 24 / 7
You won't have to worry about risking an Asthma attack just going to your door. 
Little brother, I love you and support you.
You'll be fine.

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Wyvern-v Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
wanna join my group? :3
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Wyvern-v Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hey, how do i make my own group?
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THE-DARK-MIA Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2015  Student Digital Artist
happy birthday birthday cake 
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HereifAnywhere Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Happy birthday.
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